Grrrl Meet # 2

 Save the date! Grrrl Gang Meet #4 is next week! This time we'll be in Quezon City!


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Grrrl Gang Feminist Mom Village Meetup

[August 12, 2017] Hang out with other moms who are striving to parent using feminist/egalitarian ideals! We don't have to be alone in this. It takes a village! Come meet this one!

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Grrrl Meet # 3

[July 29, 2017] If you are curious about what happens at Grrrl Meets, we talk and discuss the issues that affect us, try and come up with concrete solutions to these, and discuss projects we all can be involved in to make change happen in our own way.

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Action #4

Today we launch Action 4 of #PinayTakeAction : Visit your barangay health center!

You may have heard or read about the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law (RH Law - Yes, not a bill anymore but a law!) but do you know if and how it is actually being implemented?

This next action point is about getting out there and learning how to keep government accountable. In the Philippines, the problem is not so much the absence of legislation, but the lack of implementation.

We invite you all to visit your local barangay health center and see first hand how they are implementing the RH Law. We made a simple checklist for you to guide your quick visit:

Checklist of things to look out for (based on your rights under the RH Law):

  • Name of Barangay Health Center:
  • Is there a Reproductive Health Officer present? YES / NO
  • Is there available information about reproductive health? YES / NO
  • How easy is it to get information? (Rate from 1 to 5, 1 - not easy at all, 5 - very easy and convenient)
  • Are there reproductive health services available at the health center?
  • Is the barangay health center well-maintained and easily accessible? YES/NO

After you’ve done your fieldwork, share your findings and photos with us by leaving a comment on this post!

The data will be collated by Bantay.PH and presented to the Department of Health and other implementing agencies. It’s not only important to give feedback, but it is equally important to share your feedback through the right channels.

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Action #3

Walk in Solidarity with our LGBTQ family! #HereTogether

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Action #2

Send Menstrual Kits to Marawi!

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Action #1

Participate in the RH Conversation

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